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Thursday, October 1, 2009


Going on holiday tomorow so not many videos or blog posts comming. okay just a quick sum up. im thinking of starting chaos like erly next year, im guna start a world eaters army focusing on terminators, this will be a small force with all of it able to deep strike. Making it perfect for planet strike attacker. but to make it game legal i will have 2 troops choices as well
Hq: terminator lord or Kharne the betrayer(he is an actuall world eaters character who is a nightmare in close combat but i dont no if he can deep strike)
Troops: 2x10 bloodletters
maybe some khorne beserkers (i dont no how they would work in a fully deepstrike army)
Elites: 5-10 terminators
1 Obliterator
5 possesed
this comes in at around 1100pts without upgrades so i wuld be going for 1500 point force. at a cost of 254$ im probably not going to spend that much becasue my friend quit and he has lots of that chaos stuff lying around that i culd get for a bargin.
he has both codexs
1 squad of 10 bloodletters
1 squad of 5 terminators
1 chaos lord
1 squad of 5 possesed
1 oblit
i think he has some khorne beserkers too :D

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