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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Army Space Wolves

As many of you youtubers know i am starting space wolves i did do a vid yesterday but it didint want to upload so this is my supplement.
This is my Wolves 1000pts army list:

HQ: Canis Wolfborn

185 pts

Rune Priest 100pts

+Murderous hurricanes

+Jaws of the world wolf

+plasma pistol 15pts

+runic armour 20pts

+saga of warrior born 35pts

+wolf tooth necklace 10pts



9 grey hunters 135pts

plasma 10pts

wolf guard leader 18pts

thunder hammer and storm shield 25pts

mark of wulfen 15pts


9 blood claws 135pts

+flamer free

Wolf guard leader 18pts

+wolf claws 15pts

+mark of wulfen 15pts

+ drop pod 55pts

= 238pts


5 Wolf scouts 75pts

+melta gun 10pts

+5xmelta bombs 25pts

+power weapon 15pts


Lone Wolf 20pts

+wolf claw 20pts

+mark of wulfen 15pts

= 55pts

Total: 996pts

This army is going to cost like 150$ from miniwargaming and i hope they are having a sale a xmas casue im going up to canada a week after school finishes, so as soon as school finishes i will order then there will probably be a break in my vids cause im getting ready and stuff but when i get there ill do a vid of the unboxing of a SW battleforce, canis wolfborne, and the codex.