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Hi im fistmarine and i play warhammer 40k as orks and space marines.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Its Been a While

hey guys im back, time to get the ball rolling again. Its just been hard to find time. But I have been working on the space wolves. but ever so slowly lol. I have completed assembling almost a full squad of grey hunters some scouts, And started my rune priest conversion. the rune priest just needs to have a cape sculpted and the last scout needs to find a melta gun which i think im just guna convert a bolter and make it look like a melta. Expect a video up today, and im guna try get a battle report up from a while ago that didnt upload

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Army Space Wolves

As many of you youtubers know i am starting space wolves i did do a vid yesterday but it didint want to upload so this is my supplement.
This is my Wolves 1000pts army list:

HQ: Canis Wolfborn

185 pts

Rune Priest 100pts

+Murderous hurricanes

+Jaws of the world wolf

+plasma pistol 15pts

+runic armour 20pts

+saga of warrior born 35pts

+wolf tooth necklace 10pts



9 grey hunters 135pts

plasma 10pts

wolf guard leader 18pts

thunder hammer and storm shield 25pts

mark of wulfen 15pts


9 blood claws 135pts

+flamer free

Wolf guard leader 18pts

+wolf claws 15pts

+mark of wulfen 15pts

+ drop pod 55pts

= 238pts


5 Wolf scouts 75pts

+melta gun 10pts

+5xmelta bombs 25pts

+power weapon 15pts


Lone Wolf 20pts

+wolf claw 20pts

+mark of wulfen 15pts

= 55pts

Total: 996pts

This army is going to cost like 150$ from miniwargaming and i hope they are having a sale a xmas casue im going up to canada a week after school finishes, so as soon as school finishes i will order then there will probably be a break in my vids cause im getting ready and stuff but when i get there ill do a vid of the unboxing of a SW battleforce, canis wolfborne, and the codex.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Going on holiday tomorow so not many videos or blog posts comming. okay just a quick sum up. im thinking of starting chaos like erly next year, im guna start a world eaters army focusing on terminators, this will be a small force with all of it able to deep strike. Making it perfect for planet strike attacker. but to make it game legal i will have 2 troops choices as well
Hq: terminator lord or Kharne the betrayer(he is an actuall world eaters character who is a nightmare in close combat but i dont no if he can deep strike)
Troops: 2x10 bloodletters
maybe some khorne beserkers (i dont no how they would work in a fully deepstrike army)
Elites: 5-10 terminators
1 Obliterator
5 possesed
this comes in at around 1100pts without upgrades so i wuld be going for 1500 point force. at a cost of 254$ im probably not going to spend that much becasue my friend quit and he has lots of that chaos stuff lying around that i culd get for a bargin.
he has both codexs
1 squad of 10 bloodletters
1 squad of 5 terminators
1 chaos lord
1 squad of 5 possesed
1 oblit
i think he has some khorne beserkers too :D

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009


New type of skin tones im using

Friday, September 25, 2009

Hey guys heading on holiday so vids to come when i get back but for now nothing.
:( *dissapointed* but any way my friend is starting to collect eldar he shuld have a battleforce by the end of this weekend and he has a youtube account he better be doing som vlogs so check him out if he's done anything. check him out TheEldarSpot

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Cattafish from youtube is guna help me with taking photos hey cattafish these are the bad photos.(well the best ive done)